Diversity n Disability (DnD)

Diversity n Disability, or DnD, is a self advocacy group run by and for ethnic people with a disability. The group supports people with a disability from ethnic backgrounds to learn about their rights and speak up for themselves.

DnD wants to empower people with a disability to believe in themselves and in what they can achieve in life.

The group:

• Runs a range of programs such as monthly support group meetings, accessible yoga, arts workshops
• Provides self advocacy training for people with a disability from ethnic backgrounds to learn to advocate for themselves and others
• Creates reports and resources about the experiences of people with disability from ethnic backgrounds
• Works with other self advocacy organisations and government to raise awareness

DnD supports ethnic people with a disability, but its services are open to all people with a disability. Get in touch!

The group meets once a month.

Location: Migrant Resource Centre Northwest, 45 Main Road West, St. Albans VIC 3021

Email: christian@mrcnorthwest.org.au

Phone: 03 9367 6044

Website: http://www.mrcnorthwest.org.au/disability_services.html