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Doug from SARU

Resources and Information



Resources available from the SARU include:

Toolkits to Download for Free
Running Good Groups Toolkit      
  Good Groups Booklets
  Book 1 Good Meetings Toolkit
  Book 2 Good Groups Checklist
  Book 3 Writing a Mission Statement
  Book 4 Code of Conducts
  Book 5 Good Planning
  Book 6 Looking After Your Money
  Book 7 Complaints
Good Groups Forms to go with Booklets
  Good groups Check List
  Mission Statement Form
  Action List Form
  Looking after the Money Checklist
  Budget Form
  Payment Form
  Treasurers Report Form
  Complaints Form Sample 1
  Having Fun Tipsheet
  New Group Questionnaire
Lobbying and Campaiging Toolkit   

  Lobbying and Campaigning Booklets
  Book 1 Lobbying Toolkit
  Book 2 Picking Your Issue
  Book 3 Who Do You Lobby?
  Book 4 Who Can Help?
  Book 5 Lobby Meetings
  Book 6 Lobbying Activities
  Book 7 Lobby Case Study
Lobbying and Campaigning Forms to go with Booklets
  Picking Your Issue Form 1
  Picking Your Issue Form 2
  Form Letter Sample
   Reports and Information
   Your Say Your Rights A Report on Women with Disabilities Using Technology
   Self Advocacy Advisor Discussion Paper
   Self Advocacy Advisor Discussion Paper Plain English


Powerpoint Slideshows to Download for Free
Have a Go At Self Advocacy
What Cheeses Me Off
Step by Step Lobbying and Campaigning
Have a Go at Public Speaking

Human Rights Games to Download and Play


The Law: Human Rights (Who wants to be a Millionaire)

Self Advocacy: Human Rights (Who wants to be a Millionaire)

Services: Human Rights (Who wants to be a Millionaire)

Decisions: Human Rights (Who wants to be a Millionaire)

 DVD/CD Library including:
  You Didn't Include Me                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  This DVD features self advocates talking about how to run inclusive meetings and conferences.
  Free copies available to Victorian Self Advocacy Groups.
  Friends Speaking Up Together
  A friend meets old mates in a cafe and learns about self advocacy and rights.
  Free copies available to Victorian Self Advocacy Groups.
  Coco's Dreams
  An animation about a young woman making plans for the future. Free copies available.
  Getting Into the Act
  A DVD for self advocacy groups explaining all about the Disability Act
  Self Advocacy Songs
  Songs about self advocacy from America. Copies available for loan.
Resources to borrow from "Advocating Change Together"
  Changing Attitudes - training to give your group the power to change attitudes
  Disability, Identity and Culture
  I am a Person First
  My Choice Your Decision
  Self Advocacy Bingo
  Leadership Bingo
  Struggling for Our Rights
  Get on board this Train to Freedom
  Meeting Builders
  Direct Action Bingo
There are also resources for support workers and advisors including:
  Advice for Advisors
  A book of ideas for Advisors
  People First Handbook
  How to find an Advisor
  What are Self advocacy groups?
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self advocacy
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